What is VIS-CHECK?


DOT Federal Annual Inspections in Columbus Ohio


This pre-service inspection can be performed on ANY make or model Class 3-8 North American designed commercial diesel truck, bus or motor home. High check tests can be completed on many key undercarriage components, whose failure could lead to major breakdowns resulting in expensive repairs. Visit DeMary Truck and get your DOT Federal Annual Inspection today!

With regular inspections on our diagnostic machine, we can help you to prevent down time, by gathering a “real time” analysis of the brake system performance, undercarriage, steering, suspension, and driveline on your vehicle. “Providing the Latest in Truck Diagnostic Technology!” 

This check identifies if a vehicle meets legal braking requirements and locates any other possible problems before they become a major issue, thereby reducing maintenance costs, providing better performance and above all, Improving Safety!  


DOT Federal Annual Inspections in Columbus Ohio

Systems Inspection Check


Quickly Detects:


  • incorrect brake adjustment
  • compressor performance
  • air distribution problems
  • faulty slack adjusters
  • glazed or contaminated linings


Steering & Suspension

  • damaged S cam components
  • drum out of round conditions
  • broken parking brake springs
  • unbalanced braking force
  • weak braking force

Frame & Chassis

  • weight distribution
  • axle load balance
  • worn engine mounts
  • faulty slack adjusters
  • damaged cab mounts


  • worn tie rod ends and king pins
  • spring pins, shackles & hangers
  • worn bushings/ loose U bolts
  • shock absorbers
  • air bag integrity

FREE Inspection - $160 Value!!

FOR NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY – If repairs are needed they can be performed at our location or taken to the repair shop of your choice. Simply call our service department today at 1-800-837-1419 and arrange your VIS-Check Inspection.
Patrick DeMary, President —DeMary Truck

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